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Hi Everyone


Hi everyone I haven’t wrote on my blog for quite a while sorry about that but if you would like to hear from me more please let me know so that I can update you on the fun and exiting things that have going on in my life i’ll start with that last year I went overseas to Phuket and Taiwan it was a great experience even though i’ve already been to Taiwan once before. In January I went up to Darwin by myself and I spent it with my Grandmother and my cousin and my Auntie, it was really hot up their and i hope that I can go again some time soon. well thats most the the really exiting things in my life nut if you want to hear more then you can comment on this page and I will tell you more about what has happened in past year or so. Thanks.

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On the 25th of August we did a jump off to support the heart foundation, we did a hour of skipping and it was really fun . After a few performances we got pair up with another class the class that my class got paired up with was a r/1 class (reception and year ones). It was was a nice day for skipping to every class was great a they all put a lot of effort into the skipping and every class were co-operative and listened.



In science we have been learning about the “Human body”. Last week we dissected sheep’s brains it was really gross we cut them in half then we studied them and looked at all the parts that we learnt about. Before we dissected the brains we had to make a model that showed all of the parts we then studied the parts so that we knew what the parts looked like when we cut open the  brains.

This week we dissected a sheep’s a heart it WAS really gross because the blood that was in the heart ran out and we could see the meat that people eat it looked like a good piece of meat even though i would never eat it. Some people didn’t do it though because they thought that it was to gross to even look at.

My Hobbies


These are my hobbies:
-playing the flute

-playing with my cat Millie
-playing with my brothers cat Midnight
-playing with our dog Mandy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -playing with our new dog Poppie
-playing with my brother Sam
-playing with my sister Sara
-Walking the dog
-Riding my bike
-making noises
-playing with my friends at school
-Listing the our bird Sid
-playing the computer
-playing the PS3
-playing the wii
-playing the PS2

The Miley Cyrus concert


Wedsday the 29th of June I went to see Miley Cyrus it was the best thing that has happened to me for a long time. The best part was whan she was getting thrown around the stage by the dancers. At the start there was a backup singer he was ok but I didn’t like him very much.



Last week 5 people for my class went to SAPSASA Hockey in Adelaide, my team won 6 games, lost 4 and drew 1 the girls in my team were 4th in the girls and the boys came 3rd and overall Upper south east came 2nd it was a great week and i gaind heaps.

Arbury park outdoor school


At Arbury Park out door school we had to go on the bus for 3 1/2 hours we stopped at Murray Bridge for recess then we got back on the bus and we had lunch at Bridgewater where we met our main guide over the next two days (Richard) who took us for a 1.5 km walk to Arbury park outdoor school. We didn’t do much on the first day except playing a game called  the web of life and we also practised the fire drill. At night time we did a modeling game were there were about five people in a group and a news paperand a role of stickytape and we had about 30 hour to make a mans outfit and a ladies outfit.

The next day was more of an gaming day because we had set activities to do first my group did mission survival in mission  survival we had a number of things we had to do first it was going through fake quick sand then it was going through a fake spider web and last but not least we had to build a bridge across a river with only a little bit of water in it. Then my group had animal survival and in animal survival we looked at all the different types of animals that lived in the park and the types of animals that lived in Australia.

Then on day 3 we got to choose weather we wanted to climb Mt Gorge or do two of the following things orienteering, Earth art or bird box making I choose earth art and orienteering. Then we did the activities that were left over from the other day I did fresh water life and bird ecology they were both very fun. My over all opinion of Aubrey park outdoor school would be an excellent.


Welcome to my new blog


Welcome to my new blog and this is were you will be able to see all of the stuff that I do at school and the things that I like to do like what sport I play and also what I like doing out of school. If there is anything that I can help you with please don’t hesitate just me ask via comment.

Cheers Amber                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The publisher of this blog

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